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Recycled Screen Printed Sketchbooks

Image of Recycled Screen Printed Sketchbooks


As you know re-use and recycling is very important to us at Cut Me Up. So we turned any Screen Prints that weren't up to standard to sell alone into covers for our recycled sketchbooks!

They come in A6, A5 or A4 and

  • are completely handmade and bound by ourselves
  • have an individual hand pulled screen printed cover
  • an embossed logo
  • an inside cover page
  • have rounded corners
  • are created using 100% recycled 80g/m² white paper

We are really proud of these and took pride in hand crafting them, re-use is the way forward. So if you want a cheap, environmentally sound sketchbook or notebook, thats a little more personal and different, give these a try! 

Each one comes with a free sense of ethical well being and smugness.

They are available as individuals or packs (+ optional zine)

for more photos; click to see the blog post

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